thread: 2012-03-21 : Monster Mania Con: barriers to interest

On 2012-03-22, Josh W wrote:

Timo, that thing about the story dice sparked something off; I have friends who love being imaginative but get performance anxiety easily. The more I tell them about how I like designing games the less they want to play them!

Not because I'm boring or baffling, (though of course I sometimes am) but because having the idea that someone has designed something for you to play can mean that you should step up your game in turn. You should play seriously, like a sport, not like mucking about.

So for those people, I want to make a game that's one third oblique strategies, and one third archepelago, one third set of random tables, but somehow designed to avoid obvious pitfalls.

Index cards with mechanics explained in nice easy terms, if you get it, play with it, if you don't, flip it over and play with the next card. Place cards down on the table if you like them and keep using them. A game designed to be humble and put people at their ease.

Course for other people, they want a game that's like books they like, private but full of life. The only way you'll play those games with them is in the same situation they would show you their favourite book, but the game that would put them at ease would be the exact opposite, a game that is full of obvious passion. Sometimes those are the same people!

This isn't about the monster con people at all but whatever!

Actually, about the monstercon stuff, have you thought of selling it as the occult...?


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