thread: 2012-03-21 : Monster Mania Con: barriers to interest

On 2012-03-22, Frank T wrote:

The people who ducked out because $15 was too expensive most likely spent more than $15 on their dinner the same day. How does that fit together? Well, most people have a budget for a con. They spend money on tickets and food, probably on travelling and maybe lodging, and they have reserved a certain amount for buying stuff at the con. So, $15 spent on that funky book with the scary game inside is $15 less to spend on other stuff. As Vincent points out, that other stuff may just be 3 obscure B-Movies.

So, do you trade the stuff you originally intended to buy for something you were just introduced to and ? now comes the point ? you found mildly interesting? Here?s a hard question for Vincent and everybody else who wants to attract non-gamer audiences. Remember that thrill you felt when you were first introduced to RPGs? How often do you see that thrill in the non-gamer types when they give it a try? How often do they show more than mild interest? The assumption that they will play again, by themselves, with their other non-gamer friends, and get hooked, and come back for more ? how often have you seen that actually realized?

I?m not trying to be a dick here. You don?t need my blessing but you have it anyway, and I?ll be happy if I?m wrong. Here?s the ?but?: in my personal experience, the people who dig role-playing are a certain type. Even if they are not part of a subculture, still they are not just ?any given horror fan? or ?any given Buffy fan? or ?any given LotR fan? or ?any given World of Warcraft player?. Not by far.


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