thread: 2012-03-21 : Monster Mania Con: barriers to interest

On 2012-03-22, Bret wrote:

Julia, I'd been to Monster Mania before! There's not really the kind of tribalism you're describing. There are all kinds of people there and it's not a one-of-us/not-one-of-us thing. There are normal looking folks, there are people with piercings and dyed black hair, there are people pushing baby carriages and old ladies with grandkids. So it's more about in-the-moment grabbiness and interaction than it is about, I don't know, posting on horror movie forums before we go.

And I'm not talking about slashing the prices of games to cut into profitability, I'm talking about making games that are inexpensive and still profitable. That's my plan! But The Final Girl will still be $10.


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