thread: 2012-03-21 : Monster Mania Con: barriers to interest

On 2012-03-22, Eric E wrote:

@timfire Skryim game guide and Poker for Dummies aren't games, they're game accessories, to be sold to people who already like the game and want a larger investment.  It makes that game's price point variable to capture a market that may be willing spend additional cash for either additional power (a guide makes the game easier) or additional involvement (a guide shows you a lot of things you might not have seen otherwise).

I'm not saying Murderous Ghosts price point is wrong.  I'm saying that it is not at the right price point for selling something to someone who is a) at a convention, and/or b) is an outsider to gaming.  I buy the ebooks of novels.  I don't think $12 for Monopoly is something I should spend my money on.  I'm the primary audience for a $15 RPG.  The problem is Vincent is trying to sell something to someone more like my wife.  Someone who in a gaming environment will game, but needs to be introduced/placed into that environment.

I'm sure people aren't selling CYOA books to horror conventioneers.  Not even the adult ones.  They're probably selling them to people who remember them as a child (I picked up my first few copies at a library, and my collection of Lone Wolf ones, which are a D&D/CYOA hybrid, from half-price for a couple of bucks each when I was a kid).  And even then, they have a price-point variance.  I just searched for the most recently released one children's CYOA, and it's $7 new or $3.19 used.  Any new or on-the-fence buyer has access to a lower price point, and only people who know what they want will be buying a new copy of the newest release.

@Vincent Have you considered creating some kind of pamphlet or quarto-style game.  One that could be produced for dirt cheap and sold like some kind of fan-zine or sampler comic at a convention?  Something so simple it's almost just a scenario?  Something like what Chapass games would sell in a white paper bag even?  I'm thinking a publicly listed $5 item that you sold at conventions for $2.50 with a big, if you liked this go to my site and buy one of my deluxe games advertisement on the back?


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