thread: 2012-03-19 : If it isn't an RPG, is it still an RPG?

On 2012-03-19, Josh W wrote:

@Julia, massively agree with that! I think if you follow a strategy of getting into a wide variety of different games and activities, and being inspired by them, you'll probably end up making games for a shifted audience automatically, so long as you also focus on coherence and accessibility:

You'll bring in some new stuff to fill a hole, or because it's interesting, then cut out or adjust loads of other stuff just by default, leaving you with these weird new games.

RPG + new inspiring stuff - stuff that gets in the way = not RPG?

That doesn't seem very complementary to rpgs!

The way I go is the usual "system matters" stuff, where opening up new possibilities can mean making other kinds of play harder, and so leaving behind some old points of commonality.

Then I suppose you can expand out from that new centre point in different directions. I wonder what the murderous ghosts equivalent of a custom moves section would be..


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