thread: 2012-04-14 : Jessica Hammer on Dread

On 2012-04-14, Vincent wrote:

Here's a conversation that seems possible.

Congoer: Oh hey! Jenga!

Me: Take a pull!

Congoer: Really?

Me: Yeah, of course, that's what we set it up for. Please do!

Up to this point, this conversation happened a bunch of times at the con. Here's the new part:

Me: Oh but before you pull, choose one of these. [pointing out the character stand ups] This one is trying to get her car started while the zombies are coming. This one is trying to find a hiding place in the basement while the slasher is kicking through the door at the top of the stairs. This one is trying to cross thin ice while ravenous giant mutant eels swirl around below her.

Congoer: Ha ha, I get it! I choose... the zombie one. So I pull now?

Me: Yes you do.


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