thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-06-12, Vincent wrote:

Jim, John: Good topic! Kind of big. Let me make a front pager.

Roger: Oh, Apocalypse World.

Human: "What qualities of the Forge community do you think would be hard to reproduce in other online communities?"


I'm an outlier here, in that I think that the online communities we have are good, functional, and easy to come by. I don't think there's a vacuum.

I do think that a lot of people misjudge what an online community can really do for them. My impression is that the people dissatisfied and looking for a place now that the Forge is gone are largely the same people who were dissatisfied and looking for a place while the Forge was still here.

"Do you think the AW hacking crazy will reach a point where it's just to much, kind of like the OGL/d20 bloat?"

From your mouth to God's ear! Wouldn't that be a marvel.

"Are you currently developing any games completely detached from the AW framework?"


My design project for the summer is an adventure for Lamentations of the Frame Princess. You'll see a lot of connection to the AW framework in it.

"How's Blasters for Hire coming along?"

About where it's been. Sebastian's been busy finishing up his school year.

Thanks for asking!


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