thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-06-12, Vincent wrote:

Lev: Initial comments, you got it.

Part 1:

That piece of the Big Model says that when we roleplay, what we do is communicate and come to agreement with one another about particular characters and their changing places, positions and relationships in their world.

Are you saying that when we roleplay, we do something else than that?

For instance, I say "Gerard walked to school that morning, so he's wet from the rain. He sits backwards on his desk with his feet on his chair so he can talk to the rest of you." You answer by saying "good morning, Gerard," in the character Olivia's voice. According to this piece of the Big Model, we've just roleplayed.

Are you saying that we haven't roleplayed yet? Are you saying that we've roleplayed, but we've also done something GNS-specific beyond just roleplaying?

Part 2:

At this point, 8 years later, I think that the Big Model has done what it's going to do, and that refining or defending it on its terms isn't going to make any difference anymore.

So I suppose you're right! I don't remember why it mattered that the Big Model had it this way, or even whether it mattered at all. I'm certainly not going to insist on the Big Model's way, if your way gives you a clearer, more useful, more productive picture of what's going on.

What I hope to do going forward is to take the ground that the Big Model cleared - the Big Model was overall a destructive, not constructive, theory, if that makes any sense - and build up from it.

adam m: Does this answer your question too? If it doesn't, maybe ask again?


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