thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-06-12, Moreno wrote:

More than "destructive", I think that TBM was a week-killer theory. And gaming "theory" (and practice) was really full of poisonous plants...

I agree about the GNS "hangups" devouring the conversation, but that was solved around 2006, I think: when theory post were allowed only in Actual Play. The problem almost disappeared from the Forge. (even if continued to happen everywhere else)
But people ran away screaming.
I see something of the same phenomenon at GenteCheGioca when some new user arrive and it's told that he can't talk about games if not in concrete terms based on actual play: it seems that very few things scare a lot of gamers more than talk about their own games.

(I am talking about actual play posting in the Forge sense, obviously, "talk about what you did as a real person, too", not the "let me tell you about my character or my awesome story", they are much more common)

All this was a preface to my question:

What do you think can be done about this terror about actual play posting? For what I have seen in practice, most people are perfectly able to talk in actual play terms when they overcame that initial reaction...

The question is tied to the closing of the Forge, because I don't know of any other forum (in English) that enforce a similar focus on actual play.


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