thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-06-16, Gregor Vuga wrote:

"I don't want to make a game where your character has to be white, unless I have a really, really good reason for it."
This is something I struggled with really hard while deciding whether or not I should really take Sagas of the Icelanders forward. Do I want to make a game that has an explicitly sexist, all-white setting? Oh dear, it still haunts me.

But, questions!
1) Can you say anything about what you're doing for LotFP? I'll understand if you're not ready to talk about it.

2) Are there any games you wish you could play but either haven't been made yet or simply don't have the time or people to play with?

3) I've been thinking about setting expectations a lot recently. Do you have any tips or methods of pitching a game to people that makes it clear what the setting/colour/techniques/agenda/blahblah on the table are?


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