thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-06-17, Vincent wrote:

Roger: I still sometimes meet or hear about people who've printed a conventional print run of a conventionally-designed game with no demonstrated audience and put it on their credit card. That's the biggest mistake you CAN make.

The biggest mistake you can make in indie publishing is a much smaller, far less tragic version of the same: publishing a game when you have tried but failed to build an audience for it beforehand. If your audience isn't biting before you publish, publishing won't magically make them bite.

Oh, here's an interesting mistake I see a lot of: mistaking the things that success makes necessary for precursors to success. The mistake goes like this, for instance: "successful publishers hire a fulfillment house, so to be successful, I should hire a fulfillment house." In fact, you shouldn't hire a fulfillment house until your success swamps your ability to do your own fulfillment.

I imagine that this kind of magical thinking is widespread in small business (and large!) everywhere, not just in game publishing.


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