thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-06-20, Josh W wrote:

About spoilers/fuses, ageees ago, we had a chat about character generation in Dogs, and I had a chat to Marshall Burns about character generation in Rustbelt, and I've no idea if they were the same conversation thread!

Anyway, you know how you just give players stuff in dogs, right at the start, without them having to balance the value of their book against the value of their gun?

That's like a fuse right in character generation, if someone can't handle that, (de-emphasis on raw effectiveness) they know they'll have problems if they continue to play.

Equally, the starting conflict sets up the conflict mechanics, so people know if they're going to have issues with them too.

It feels like for people who'll have a problem, your giving them all the flies in the ointment first off, so they can get to know them.

I can't remember who made that point, but if it was you, any new thoughts on that? And how it could apply to other creative agenda-y things?


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