thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-07-09, Vincent wrote:

JMendes: Nope.

But that's probably okay. For instance, here's a list (incomplete) of games that didn't exist when I started working on Storming the Wizard's Tower, that do exist now:
- Adventurer Conqueror King
- City of Fire and Coin (Swords Without Master)
- Dungeon World
- High Quality Roleplaying
- Lamentations of the Flame Princess
- On Mighty Thews
- World of Dungeons

...And the monster creation rules that were the heart of the GM's side of StWT are still available in Fight On! Issue 2.

Hey, that gives me a thought. If anybody's looking for a project, you could contact me and Adam & Sage about adapting those monster creation rules to Dungeon World. I bet that'd be a good time.


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