thread: 2012-06-11 : Ask a Frequent Question

On 2012-07-24, Christoph wrote:

Hello Vincent

Not taking it personally! To be clear, I don't think I'm entitled to an answer. Especially here in Switzerland, such questions tend to be nobody's business, but since you give snippets of answers on various topics and publish sales figures, I thought I wouldn't be too out of line asking this.

However, I should have explained better. I'm trying to understand what kind of commitment is realistic when publishing RPGs. I'd also like to ask other designers as time goes on, so as to get a rough idea. It has to do with trying to understand how I could reconcile a job, my hobbies and indie publishing. Really, it all boils down to how much time do I need to put aside to publish a game.

If you think this could raise a shit-storm or whatever, let's just forget this question.


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