thread: 2012-11-14 : Emily on Fictional Positioning

On 2012-11-14, Gordon wrote:

Short version:

Say I rewrite your claim as "Playing freeform, we LOOK FIRST INTO/GRANT GREATER INFLUENCE TO the fiction-as-established in determining whether a possible move is legitimate; playing with cues, we LOOK FIRST INTO/GRANT GREATER INFLUENCE TO the cue in determing whether a move is legitimate."  Have I done meaningful damage to your point? Checking a cue or checking the fiction remain distinct acts, but the determination of legitimacy will almost always require both.

Thinking that got me there:

Isn't the option "all other things are NOT equal" ALWAYS available? While we cannot deny that it says "Gun" on the sheet, if "all other things may not be equal" is in play, we can always say "that doesn't matter, because" of some unequal other thing, right?

Which perhaps is saying "we can always choose to be freeform/look at the fiction even if we're 'supposed' to be using cues/looking at real things."  It may be that what you are building towards lives within that very fact -I guess I'm just making sure you're not trying to exclude that possibilty (and its vice-versa, where cues are used in the process of creating the fiction-as-established). If you are, maybe this is a disagreement and I'll let it go, but if not, maybe this will forestall other questions/potential disagreements.


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