thread: 2012-11-15 : Positioning: the Big Model vs Emily, reconciled

On 2012-11-15, Emily wrote:

Causality is being invoked in fictional positioning. However, (and this is a big however), what it makes available to you is what is acknowledged by the other players. Cues, especially mechanical ones, have the great virtue of clarifying and simplifying the resources available to a player or a character based on the players' shared understanding of what those might be. And those are likely completely separate from any causality (it may or may not exist, it may be something you make up as you go along etc.).

But, also, whether and what type of causality is upheld varies from group to group. Fictional positioning is essentially a narrative rhetorical device, which is invoked to make stronger an argument that something later can or cannot be established. Having said you have the gun makes it harder to argue against you being able to shoot it later.


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