thread: 2012-11-15 : Positioning: the Big Model vs Emily, reconciled

On 2012-11-15, Ben Lehman wrote:

@Tim R.

I'd say that the mayor's player has additional options available to them, simply because they still have some authority over that character in the game world in a way that the dead player's character does not.

Similarly, if this is a world with the ability to raise and speak with the dead, the positions are quite separate.

Re: Campaign ending, that seems to be a weird question. When we are no longer playing the game, obviously we have the same positioning with respect to that game (i.e. none at all.)

As far as forward or backward in time, I don't suppose it matters much. I see the broader definition (vesting positioning in the player, not the character) as including past actions as much as the narrower definitions. The consequences of past actions bit is hiding in the word "legitimate."



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