thread: 2012-11-15 : Positioning: the Big Model vs Emily, reconciled

On 2012-11-16, Josh W wrote:

This strikes me as something in a gray area between clarification and disagreement, but:

Isn't it possible to have positioning without a position?

In other words, what if you flip that definition backwards, saying:

A player's positioning is the set of factors and processes (including in-fiction, cue-mediated, and interpersonal) that act towards creating a set of defined and legitimate gameplay options available to her at this moment of play.

'Cos like rhetoric, these things don't always coaless into an argument, with a defined and coherent point, but arguing is still happening.

I think this view preserves your argument in a slightly more nitpicky form (with positioning acting to construct that set of options, to clarify as much as support or negate), so hopefully it looks basically identical to you.


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