thread: 2012-11-16 : Positioning: System and gameplay options

On 2012-11-17, James wrote:

So, thinking about legitimacy, presuming the following action from someone—

[Gets up and storms away from the table angrily]

First, underneath the context of "I'm done playing this game."  Is that an illegitimate gameplay option, under this nomenclature?  (Always, sometimes, or never?)

Next, under the context of "This is upsetting me, and I'll be back shortly."  Is that a legitimate gameplay option, under this nomenclature?  (Presumably always?)

Alternatively, I think the statements "Let's stop playing for the night" and "Ok yeah it's time" are both potentially legitimate gameplay options, in that they are both options that halt the gameplay.

Obviously everything after those points above are not gameplay options—packing up sheets isn't gameplay, that sort of thing.

(Alternatively, I could be considerably off base, but that's how I'm currently reading this.)


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