thread: 2012-11-16 : Positioning: System and gameplay options

On 2012-11-20, Vincent wrote:

TMC: Broadly, yes, but if you want to get into details, no. (What, you expected a straight answer out of me? I'm no good at those!)

My character's standing on top of a hill behind a low stone wall with a loaded musket in his hands. Your character's charging up the hill with his bayonet fixed. ALL of those details are factors in my position as a player, and ALL of those details are factors in your position as a player too.

This is leading into occult co-ownership, and I'll get there soon. For now, I think the takeaway is just that it's not containment, not a subset, no. All the fictional details contribute to each of the players' positions.


This makes TMC go "So are you saying..."
...there's no such thing as character positioning?

This makes SDM go "I read it as"
There's no such thing as character positioning independent of player positioning--it's a player who makes it happen. Via interest, active discussion, or a subtle shake of the head.

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