thread: 2012-11-16 : Positioning: System and gameplay options

On 2012-11-21, Gordon wrote:

I once wrote a section about "what is a character" that talked a lot about what you did as your character.  Like "As your character, you make choices about who to talk to, what to say to them, how to respond if they insult you, etc."  Then I went back and changed every single "as" to "with."  The intended change being from "in the mindset of your character" to "using (your conception of) the mindset of your character."

Part of me felt it was so wrong, and part of me felt it was so right.  There was a fear of losing something important in that change.

I'm still not sure if it's such a great linguistic construct, but - that thing I was fearing would be lost?  I'm now darn sure it isn't.  Is that where the bogeyman lived?  If so, I don't see him anymore.

(Yes, I'm avoiding using some particular language that has historically proven problematic. It seems wise.)


This makes GcL go "If you must know and can't guess"
The word is "immersion"

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