thread: 2012-11-21 : Positioning: Some Looly Pooly Groundwork

On 2012-11-22, Piers wrote:

Kirk: "No disagreements. RPGs share this feature in common with other collectively agreed upon fictions like money, and gender. If you don't assent to it, you're not playing the same game. And that, for me, is where things get really interesting."

Vincent: "Kirk, I don't disagree! But I'm not qualified to take all that on here at my little blog. If you write more about it, please plus me in!"

One of the things that I've been finding fascinating about your restatings of the lumpley principle (as well as your theories of how games work) is how, as the theory becomes broader, you have started to encroach on and replicate sociological theory. Given the differences necessitated by talking about games specifically, you are now getting close to the positions of social constructivist theories of knowledge. They'd go even further than Kirk does above and say that not only things like money and gender are constructed, but everything we know about the world. If you haven't already read any, I think you'd find some of that sort of work, particulary Actor Network Theory really interesting.


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