thread: 2012-11-21 : Positioning: Some Looly Pooly Groundwork

On 2012-11-22, Evan wrote:

Hi Kirk,

Thanks for your interest!

(If I may reveal a small amount about this, Vincent...)

In its final form, the book will be a two-author (Vincent and Emily), one editor (me) non-fiction monograph on the structures of tabletop role-playing.

It's more or less a book many of you have already been reading ? in the form of Vincent's blog, Emily's articles, Ben Lehman's posts, etc.

This'll just be consolidating it and nailing it down in print form, so designers, gamers and academics alike have a chance to cite and debate it.


This makes KM go "I very much look forward to citing it!"

This makes NJG go "WANT."

This makes HCO go "Thank"
fucking god. I find a lot of stuff here informative but opaque in the language. Not sure if that's the language or that's me, but writing it up for publication only increases my chances of understanding. Looking forward to it, V, Em, & Ev.

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