thread: 2012-11-16 : Positioning: System and gameplay options

On 2012-11-25, Josh W wrote:

Poisn'd would probably be a hell of a lot different if you collapsed that distinction.

Also player/character position has an important split; cool stories often come from setting up the character in a position where they can only make certain choices. Shaping that particular space becomes vitally important to keep in focus.

The character's personality itself as currently established, potentially privately, then helps construct the player's choices.


level of definition of player position = definition of character position + definition due to character personality + other stuff separate from character perspective.

If you find that the game is defining the character into a hole, then you might want to have the player experience that directly, or have outs and control that the character doesn't.

Alternatively, you might want to really push on the idea that player's choices are more constrained and defined than the characters, so that you can skip through sections that don't have the information content to lead to interesting choices at a character level.


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