thread: 2012-11-26 : Positioning: Two Timelines

On 2012-11-27, Tim Ralphs wrote:

I am a bit suspicious of introducing time lines. Did we not accept, during the Smelly Chamberlain saga, that every point in the fictional timeline is subject to decisions made at every point in the real timeline? And that whole chronological arcs within the fiction may vanish, be retconned, etc as time progresses in the real world. To me, it would seem more accurate so show the time lines running perpendicular to each other. Each moment of real time would correspond with a more or less complete chronological arc of fictional time.

Maybe, during normal play,  our successive real world interactions concern successive fictional events. I guess that's what this drawing is trying to show?

Also! I want to know why Ben is unhappy.


This makes BL go "Pretty much that"
With some additional hurmana hurmana

This makes TR go "There's more to say"
about time lines, but I think it definitely falls into the category of disagreeing. Maybe later!

This makes GcL go "Admitting complications and nuances, these timelines don't seem inaccurate"
but maybe more trouble than they're worth? But that's probably disagreement (about presentation if not substance), so - not now.

This makes TR go "I don't think so."
I think I disagree on a substantial level rather than simply a cosmetic one. But I suspect that the timelines model is not actually fundamental to what Vincent is trying to say, so that my disagreement is probably not important!

This makes GcL go "FicPos is (as V says) where/how Fic touches the people"
And there's a timeline to that touching. Does it make sense to embed "the fiction" and "people" in their own timelines? Not so sure - and (as TR says) not so sure it matters.

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