thread: 2012-11-26 : Positioning: Two Timelines

On 2012-12-03, Jay Loomis wrote:

Uhh, so I'm cool that there are both fictional and real timelines. I'm also fine with the idea that our interactions with each other in the real world make the fictional timeline happen. I don't understand why the position on the real-world timeline matters at all in that interaction.

Does it matter because our motivation to assent or dissent to what's going on in the fiction changes depending on the real world circumstances at the time of interaction? (e.g. I'm having a shitty day today, so I'm less willing to go along with stuff I don't love than usual)

Or are you coming from some totally different place that you will reveal in your next post?


This makes R go "This is about positioning, thus..."
it's about something which changes in time. A player's position is constantly affected by which other moves herself and other players made before that particular moment in (real) time.

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