thread: 2012-12-20 : Positioning: Retroactive

On 2012-12-20, Threlicus wrote:

Sorry about the disagreement then! I did wonder if you had meant to say that.

I have to think a little bit more before I decide if I really understand the distinction you're trying to draw (and whether I think it is merely a consequence of the verbal-versus-mathematical expressions of rules), but I will point out that I think the example that you gave, of consequences seen a year later, is more relevant to your poisoned pawn example than what I think you're trying to get at.

Although maybe it'll help me comprehend better if you go back to Dan's query: Suppose you're playing pickup basketball, and there's an implicit rule against fouling although it's fuzzy and ill-defined. You hit a guy in a particular way, but you don't know before you do it whether it's going to be called a foul by the group or not. Is that different from RPGs in this area that you're looking at, and if so, how?


This makes VB go "No problem!"

This makes BL go "Verbal vs. Mathematical"
I think verbal vs mathematical will lead you to some faulty conclusions here. A different way might be better.

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