thread: 2012-12-20 : Positioning: Retroactive

On 2012-12-20, Vincent wrote:

Good question.

That kind of uncertain legitimacy also exists in roleplaying games, in interpersonal positioning.

And, like, I'm kind of fuzzy on Chess. If we sit down to play, you might have to tell me that no, I can't castle like that, and I have to redo my move. There is ALSO uncertain legitimacy in cued, mechanical positioning.

The difference isn't that this uncertainty exists in your fictional position, but that the certainty that exists in cued positioning doesn't. Misguessing your fictional position might always bite your move.


This makes GcL go "Cued fictional positioning?"
Are you defining fictional positioning to EXCLUDE the use of cues? I mean, the cues themselves aren't fictional, but they can have VERY strong, legitimacy-clarifying influence on fictional positioning, right? Maybe I'm missing something about how you're using "cues" here ...

This makes VB go "Exclude, yes."
The relationship between a cue and fictional positioning is a currency relationship.

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