thread: 2012-12-20 : Positioning: Retroactive

On 2012-12-20, Dan Maruschak wrote:

I guess I'm not sure I follow. In golf, I can imagine a situation where one player picks up his ball, the other one freaks out and screams "What are you doing!? Play it where it lies!", and the first one says, "Yeah, but that means within one club-length, so I'm just moving the ball over here." It turns out they were playing slightly different games from each other without realizing it. Or I can imagine a tennis match where a ball lands near a line and they have to figure out if it was in-bounds or out. Are you saying these kind of things are also in a different category? Maybe it would help if you expanded the gun-on-the-table thing a bit—why does one person think it's legit (otherwise they wouldn't say it) but the other one doesn't?


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