thread: 2012-12-20 : Positioning: Retroactive

On 2012-12-24, IJC wrote:

Is this because the "shared imagined space" isn't actually a thing, and so we are constantly having to work to establish congruence between our private imagined spaces?

Essentially, that your saying that SIS isn't a noun, it's a verb?


This makes GP go ""SIS" is just a fancy word for "conversation" IMHO"
"Shared imagined space" makes it sound like it's some magical thought-cloud that sprouts from our MAGIC IMAGINATION! In real life, what's actually happening is that we talk about stuff.

This makes R go ""Shared" and "imagined" in "shared imagined space" are both verbs."

This makes BL go "R+1"
You should post that as a comment.

This makes GcL go "R ++"
And the space can only ever exist privately - congruence is probably always inaccurate. Loose approximation is all we can expect regarding the space as a whole. Though congruance on particular elements might be accurate ...

This makes IJC go "R -- sure, past participles, what else would they be?"
It's the "space" that's actually a process that's being described, not a thing -- per GP the actual thing is a kind of conversation?

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