thread: 2013-06-12 : Status is Your Toy!

On 2013-06-12, Moreno R. wrote:

VERY interesting post...

The first questions that did come up reading this:
1) When did you "exempt yourself from a group"? I mean, going into the personal (if you want, obviously), how do you see your status changing in the indie rpgs environment (at the forge but non only at the Forge) and when did you take that look from outside?

2) What about "enemy" status? I mean, like how in some forums you are regarded as something like the enemy of all that is good and clean in rpgs: it's simply a kinfd of "status in another group", or there is something different?

3) It was my impression that the indie rpg scene is particularly subject of widespread status anxiety crisis, with a lot of drama added: do you think it's caused by the subject matter, or by errors made in these comunities, or it's simply an impression, every group has crisis like theses?

4) Of all the things you did that varied your status, just as examples, what do you think caused you to lose more status and what increased more your status?


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