thread: 2013-06-12 : Status is Your Toy!

On 2013-06-17, Sean M. wrote:

This is really interesting! I've always found status an interesting subject.

I'm led to believe I don't percieve it as readily as other people, possibly from missing out in high school, people learn status things from that don't they? I think I heard that in a Johnathon Hughes movie.

I'm wondering if you agree with me on a couple of points:

1. Status isn't a measure of how much you like a person, status is a measure of how much you think other people value them + how much you think other people think other people value them + ad infinitum.

Example: I think john is a really cool guy. I want to have a sexy slumber party with a small subset of the group. Whether I invite John is dependent on how I think the rest of the group feels about John. That's a status-present interaction.

2. Status is based on perception. Perceptions can be shared among a group with a varying amount of certainty, in the case of status, usually based on how catty the group is. In gossipy groups, you generally instantly know who's cool and not cool because that's all they ever talk about. In less gossipy groups, like professionial engineer groups, there is a lot less gossip and therefore its much harder to tell who's cool and who's not cool. This in part leads to local status existing less strongly because everyone has individual ideas about who other people think are keen.


This makes Kit go "I think I've heard that about high school too"

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