thread: 2013-07-15 : A Doomed Pilgrim (ii)

On 2013-07-15, Vincent wrote:

I have very long hair, uncut, unbound, and wealth hidden in my clothing.

I've been walking down the coast for just a couple of days, and here before me are longhouses standing on stilts above the flood-prone river delta. I have no knowledge of the people who live here. My hope is to hire or, failing that, steal a boat, and continue on my way tonight by sea.

I'm approaching the nearest house, picking my way through mud and tall grass, when something alerts me to danger. What is it?

Anyone should answer, but especially John Mc, JC, Weeks, or Marhault.


This makes JC go "I'm Marhault."
Just for the record. We are one and the same.

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