thread: 2013-07-15 : A Doomed Pilgrim (ii)

On 2013-07-15, Vincent wrote:

Warning! Violence to a dog. Turn away now.

I might be able to overpower it.

I'm wounded but not crippled. I break free, I keep my feet, I manage to turn to face it. When it lunges again here's what I do:

I let it bite my left forearm. I really lean into it, get my arm far back up in the joint of its jaw. This sucks. But I lift up with my legs and my arm, get its forefeet off the ground.

I get my right forarm across the top of its spine, just behind its skull. I'm hugging its bottom jaw to my chest, lifting with my legs to hyperextend its neck, with my right arm wedging into the socket at the top of its spine.

I throw myself foreward onto it, putting my whole weight and the full strength of my (yes, injured) legs into my fall, forcing its head terribly up and back.

Do I break its neck?

Anyone should answer! I hope +Sage LaTorra does.


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