thread: 2013-07-15 : A Doomed Pilgrim (ii)

On 2013-07-15, Marhault wrote:

No. The hound was just a distraction, didn't you know? You come to your feet, still holding its leg, and find there are ten or so of the villagers surrounding you.

I think the dog belonged to the one with the bone axe.


This makes VB go "Thanks!"

This makes am go "dang"
i find it hard to just say "no" like that, though it's clearly part of the game!

This makes VB go "It's pretty interesting, isn't it?"
I find it difficult too. I'm always, "yes, but..." like a good little storygamer.

This makes JC go "RAAARRR!!"
We are not screwing around here!

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