thread: 2013-08-01 : A Guide to the Sauna for Shy Americans

On 2013-08-02, human wrote:

The Finnish sauna has been always place to born, cleansing and giving birth (nowadays bit less but still happens). It's far from any sexuality.

There is plenty of people who are not comfortable with coed saunas and that's why we have so called (fe)male turns. The thing with sauna is that everyone _needs_ to enjoy their stay there. It's always ok to step down (on a lower step) or walk out when you feel so (unless you're in the control of the scoop, then you need to take the round you have initiated). That's why we also have these turns, to allow anyone to enjoy.

As you very well pointed out, most people are just afraid of it. Meaning sauna in general or the coed part of it. Most of the people will turn that down after the first time outside of the family tradition. Yes, there is still lots of coed sauna traditions amongst students, scouts, friends, etc.

I still remember times being teenager with hormones at the full blast and you're in sauna with the person you have been drooling all over and there is no issue, tension or anything else around it ( and the drooling continues next day) sauna just does not count.

As a reminder. Sauna is sacred. Thou shalt never ever have sex in sauna, fart in sauna, pee in sauna, etc. It just does not belong in there. It's a place to cleanse yourself physically and mentally, and enjoy.


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