thread: 2013-08-01 : A Guide to the Sauna for Shy Americans

On 2013-08-02, irve wrote:

There isn't much to add. Your analysis and the comments by Finns tell most of what is to be said.

How we in Estonia (South of Finland, over the sea) discussed it. We recognized the idea of non sexuality not in the terms of being human—it's rather the thing that getting sexually exited is kind of obvious for a male—it's something you'd be extremely hopelessly embarassed about. You just don't go there - it is easy in sauna as you noted above. What you get is glimpses; you do look, but in some kind of weird informational non-staring way which is more curious brief moment of your inner creep than anything else.

There's also a somewhat related story I heard: a girl I know told it and I think that it might illustrate that part a bit. She was sitting in a sauna with some coworkers, getting the endorphins, sweating when some guy walked in. She kind of noticed that the... member he had was rather large and she had this flash of worry about any girls he might meet on his way and was puzzled how on earth he manages this and the guy passed and she kept on thinking about what she had seen. She never got the face as it wasn't important or perhaps even proper.


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