thread: 2013-08-24 : Announcement: the End of LE Playbooks

On 2013-08-26, Vincent wrote:

Ross: You happened to write me at the beginning of my vacation. I'll get back to you soon!

Mendez: Nope! I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't recall offhand who made the grotesque, but I'm sure you can find out at the barf.

Meserach: It's not when the walkingsuit takes full damage, no. That circumstance is covered by the harm & vehicles rules.

You're right that the rules don't specify how to put a walkingsuit into hard shutdown.

Mechanically, it'd fall under the MC move where you activate their crap's downside.

If you're a PC who wants to put a walkingsuit into hard shutdown, you'll have to figure out a way yourself. I'd ask a savvyhead - the workspace rules have got you well covered.


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