thread: 2013-08-24 : Announcement: the End of LE Playbooks

On 2013-08-30, Vincent wrote:

It's the name of a real person who occupies a ceremonial role at Lucca Comics & Games.

The Macaluso playbook falls far short of the reality of the Macaluso. The Macaluso playbook is only my humble attempt to express some of the ideas that the reality of the Macaluso inspired in me. I should officially say that I do not believe or feel that I have in any way captured or encompassed the real Macaluso.


This makes AED go "So, but related to the anti-christ"
In a (I hear) terrible end-times movie. Not what I expected, cool!

This makes AED go "*not"
... damnable auto-correct

This makes VB go "I guess not!"

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