thread: 2013-09-11 : The Problem, of course

On 2013-09-12, Ken Filewood wrote:

?to design any part of a game, you have to know, or at least feel, the entire game.?

It's possible to design a thing if you know something about other things that will interact with it.  What you know influences how well the thing you design later fulfils your intentions for that thing.

If the thing is part of a larger system, the way the thing is made influences how the larger system behaves. 

Hopefully your design influences the way the thing is made. 

Knowledge of the larger system is needed. 

Maybe you could start at the boundaries of the larger system and work inwards, designing subsystems as you go?  That way you would always be working from known constraints. 

@Simon C - so you're working outwards from a randomly generated (but carefully selected) starting point?


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