thread: 2013-09-11 : The Problem, of course

On 2013-09-19, Josh W wrote:

Oh, you probably know what I'm calling overlapping constraints by another name, it's just about how you can specify something more than once, so it has to be like this and also like that at the same time. They'll often come from different bits of your design:

"I need this mechanic to encourage low level jovial backstabbing between players, not require or encourage long term planning, act as a kind of freebee resource that will be wasted if people don't use it, but also encourage imagination of the background social environment. It's also got to be cute or physical enough that people don't forget about it, and tied lightly into some existing day to day mechanic."

The constraints just sort of stack up on each other, and you have to find ways to accommodate them all.


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