thread: 2013-10-02 : The GM: Holding the Object for the Group

On 2013-10-04, Gordon wrote:

Or (correcting a parenthetical) - in a we-HOPE-all-too-easy way. I was trying to remember just what Vincent had said about tools & objects, and I found it here, and it didn't quite say what I was remembering it did.

Choose your favorite RPG. What?s the object of the game? What tools does the game give you? Do they make achieving the object of the game easy or hard, certain, unlikely, or impossible?

AW's "find out what these characters will make of their world"? Incredibly easy. Well, a bit deceptively so (I mean, Vincent's got some brilliance in making sure it's "these characters" that do the making, and that we actually see the making happen). But - no need to avoid making it TOO easy, for sure. I missed that, before.


This makes GcL go "Jeez, more mistakes!"
Can't really say "most play will have one" - the point is object of the game is about what's given by the text, NOT play. I think.

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