thread: 2013-10-02 : The GM: Holding the Object for the Group

On 2013-10-10, Gordon wrote:

Dom (and maybe Rickard): I'm concerned that we're not communicating clearly here - I hope this can help. Some specifics:

I wouldn't characterize what I said as "build any type of relation." Maybe "any type of relation that works for that particular game?" but that's as far I mean to go.

Saying that "characters that have objects that are not in the same space as the object of the game is are drifting" seems to indicate an equivalence between character goal (characters that have objects) and the object of the game. I think separating the object of the game from the fiction of the game is an important step. I mean, again, many relationships between 'em are possible, but keeping them from being confused as "the same thing" seems important.

If what you're saying is "I don't think you should be separating it out that way," well, I'm thinking Vincent is doing that, and I like the idea. If you don't - why not? I'm willing to talk about that (if Vincent doesn't mind it clogging his blog), but ultimately I'm NOT interested in convincing or being convinced as to which is "right."


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