thread: 2013-10-21 : The Magic Trick: Otherkind Dice

On 2013-10-21, Vincent wrote:

Yep! All true.

I made these four categories up off the top of my head, just as an easy example. They're more-or-less infinitely adjustable. In Mobile Frame Zero, for instance, you roll for movement, defense, attack, and surveillance/communication between units. In Psi*Run, you roll for your goal, for whether you trigger any memories in yourself, for whether the sinister forces pursuing you come a step closer to catching you, and then for other things you swap in and out at need, like whether you're hurt, whether you're captured, etc. In Salt River we made a new and unique set of categories up for every new situation.

You can be more creative with the scales. In Psi*Run, One scale is 1 2-3 4-6, one is 1-3 4-6, one is 1-2 3-4 5 6, one is 1 2-3 4-5 6, and so on. You can really fine-tune the outcomes you want people to have to choose between that way. Like in the above example, a 4 is just as good as a 6 for keeping your friends unharmed, but for everything else, a 6 is better than a 4. This creates more opportunities for interesting choices than doing everything on the same scale does.

You can fiddle a lot of different ways with the dice, too. You can lose the spare die if you're disadvantaged (as you say), or not have a spare die in the first place. You could add a "no die" result to each of the outcomes and roll fewer dice than you need! You could use dice of different colors that you can assign only to some of the categories. All kinds of stuff.


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