thread: 2013-10-21 : The Magic Trick: Otherkind Dice

On 2013-10-21, Judson wrote:

There's an different question though: how much impact does how the categories are presented matter to the outcome? If, for instance, you arrange the categories in a grid: 1-6 down the side, and categories across the top, and boxes for each outcome so that a player can immediately see which results are e.g. more amenable to risk management, I think you kind of expose better and worse applications of the general trick.

More generally, if the text includes strict percentages of outcomes, is the overall magic trick hurt? In other words, does knowing how the trick works destroy the illusion? I kind of think it doesn't, so long as there actually is a real chance of real harm. 20 = instant death has to be a result, or the trick doesn't work.


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