thread: 2013-10-21 : The Magic Trick: Otherkind Dice

On 2013-10-22, Vincent wrote:

Thanks, George! You've got it exactly.

In Otherkind, the fight's over in the one roll, unless one party or the other decides to push it into a second roll. I imagine that if I were to use these precise rules I'd add an accumulating advantage or something, so that if you push it and lose again, the odds of winning it on a second push dwindle to desperate, and the odds of winning it on a third push after losing three times are nil.

Dogs in the Vineyard has a whole system for how fights escalate and how long they last. You have the game, I think you said? I can explain it if you want or you can just read up on it.

But your insight there is very, very good: in neither game does the fight end because somebody's run out of hit points. Neither of these fights are fights to the death. Something else decides when the fight ends and who's won, and that's an important part of these rules.


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