thread: 2013-10-21 : The Magic Trick: Otherkind Dice

On 2013-10-23, Josh W wrote:

That is great! And it suggests a fix for AD&D actually; every time you get hit, roll damage as normal in hp terms then put the dice to the side. When your hp hits zero you surrender/give up etc.

Then at the end of combat use those set aside dice to roll for the fallout like in dogs!

Every healing spell cast removes one of the dice under its size as well as giving hp back.

You can also cause damage without leaving the dice around as damage via taunts and threats, non-lethal attacks etc. These use exactly the same rules as normal.

Then random poor conditions when travelling can also cause hp loss without causing damage, and good conditions can cause it to replenish as given in the normal rules. Also, once fallout has been worked out, healing spells also work directly on injuries according to their effects ie. cure light wounds gives you hp back, but doesn't deal with serious life threatening injury, whereas cure serious wounds does.

Of course, this system would only work when fighting intelligent creatures; loosing the will to fight when facing a giant monster is no great difference from the old interpretation of hitpoints!

I think it works though, so long as you set up the maths for the new fallout table right.


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