thread: 2013-10-28 : A Question about Objects

On 2013-11-04, Gordon wrote:

I'd want to add that there isn't necessarily - I'd go so far as to say CAN not be guaranteed - a 100% overlap between the object of the game as designed and the goal of the game as actually played. So hacks might or might not fundamentally change the way a game is played, and to say it changes (fundamentally or otherwise) the object of the game in the sense I think Vincent is using here is self-fulfilling: that is, the object of a game is defined as "what it's designed for", and so changing the object you design for changes, um, the designed object. Of course.

The link and/or separation (either can be good and/or bad) between what you design for and what people actually do is where the cool/difficult/interesting stuff happens, in my mind.


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