thread: 2013-10-28 : A Question about Objects

On 2013-11-04, Vincent wrote:

Gordon: I find this bizarre.

I designed a card game, unpublished but complete and playable. It's called "Pirate Rummy." The object is to empty your hand of cards.

I designed a board game, likewise unpublished but playable. It's called "The Abductinators." The object is to abductinate the most pawns from the board.

I designed a tabletop mini wargame, "Mobile Frame Zero" (nee "Mechaton"). The object is to have the most victory points when the doomsday clock hits zero.

For these games, do you still need to insist that the object of the game doesn't 100% match the players' goals, or is that just for rpgs?

Is there something I'm supposed to have added to Mobile Frame Zero's design to accommodate players who aren't trying to have the most victory points at doomsday, some way I'm supposed to have taken them into account in the game's design, or is THAT just for rpgs?


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