thread: 2013-10-28 : A Question about Objects

On 2013-11-04, Rickard wrote:

What I think Gordon is aiming at is that the object of the game could create a strive within the game, where the goal for the player could instead be to hang out with friends, to win over the opponents, to gain a new kind of gaming experience and so on.

In roleplaying games, this is more obvious because we got characters. The object of the participant playing doesn't have to correspond to the object of what the character is taken. In a boardgame such as Ludo, you could say (for this point only) that the object of the game is for the tokens and not for the players.

I would add to this the object of the gaming experience, which is created and "chased" by the creator of the game. All are important parts of the game design process, but I also think it's important to distinguish for whom the object is for. The character, the participant, or the creator.


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